Hector Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice Review

When we first got our hands on Hector a few months back we were caught off guard; Telltale Games had formed a partnership with Straandlooper to release this foul mouthed cop into the world of adventure gaming, a genre they have essentially reinvigorated with their mostly family friendly line-up. Hector was anything but family friendly though.

Hector Episode 2: Senseless Acts Of Justice continues on from the first game and manages to keep the vulgarity intact but somehow makes it seem more adult this time round. Playing out almost like a CSI episode meets B-grade porno, we were delighted to jump back into the world of Hector and the Clappers Wreak police force.

Hector Episode 2 Got Right

Expanded length and challenge- Senseless Acts of Justice provides a vastly expanded experience and length than its predecessor, creating a far more focused and challenging experience for the gamer. Hector has a number of new and interesting characters to interact with including his colleagues at the Clappers Wreake PD, along with a number of informants and civilians. There are new and interesting areas to explore, and you’ll have to use your noggin a lot more to solve some of the more obscure puzzles. Overall it just makes for a longer and challenging experience, which is exactly what you want when a game is this good.

Art and sound – Senseless Acts of Justice features some of the best art and voice acting you are likely to find in the genre, especially if you are playing this on an iOS device. The art style stands out and demands attention – each of the characters are brought to life through great expressions and animation, and the environments all offer a distinct style that really stands out. Hector and his supporting cast are perfectly voice acted, offering up some of the funniest dialogue we have heard in years.

Stronger puzzles – The first episode of Hector offered up some funny albeit easy puzzles that were memorable however posed little challenge to experienced gamers. Senseless Acts of Justice, however, ramps up the puzzles significantly without making them terribly difficult. There are a few obscure ones hidden in there that could cause some issues, however, there is a handy hint system that should help you through with no troubles at all.

Insulting hint system– One of the best features is definitely the hint system that has been included in Senseless Acts of Justice. At any time the player can access the hint system which will slowly help them through any troubling parts, while insulting them of course. The hint system offers up tiny bits of information before it eventually will tell you how to solve the entire puzzle, although it will throw cleverly written insults to try and make you re-consider using it. It’s fun and witty, and a novel take on in-game hint systems.

What Hector Episode 2 Got Wrong

Limited longevity – While Senseless Acts of Justice is one hell of an adventure, like most in the genre it gives you limited reason to head back for a second play through. It’s not really an issue, and we’re just nitpicking here, but if you want a game that is going to keep offering hours of entertainment, this probably won’t be it.

The Final Verdict

Building on the first episode and increasing the scope and depth of the adventure and characters, Hector Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice provides a far more focused experience that is hilarious and utterly captivating. With some of the best art and voice acting we’ve seen from Telltale Games thus far we can’t wait to see what Hector gets up to next in Episode 3. Well worth a purchase, regardless of what platform you choose.

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